Facts, Figures & How it works

The scans that leave our NIMMFILM lab are characterized by their naturalness and beauty, because our great Fuji scanners perfectly reproduce the impressive dynamic range that the medium of film has to offer.
With photographic flair and our years of experience in dealing with analog and digital images, we analyze every film “picture by picture”. It allows us to deliver not only impressive data, but also images with charm and character. The most natural possible color rendering taking into account the respective film characteristics stands in the foreground of our work.

Analoge Fotografie 00047 #scannedwithpassion
  • Development of 35mm and medium format films in common processes (C41, E6 and S/W)
  • Scans of roll-film, film strips and individual frames from black/white & color negative films (135-36), slide films (135-36 framed or unframed) and medium format films (120/220) with following formats: 4.5 × 6, 6 × 6, 6 × 7, 6 × 8, 6 × 9 (NOTE: we do not scan framed medium format slides)

ATTENTION: For technical reasons we can not scan framed medium format slides with our Fuji scanners. Since we can digitize these on other scanners, we ask for an individual request.

We like to keep it simple and therefore we only offer two scan sizes. Since not every picture has to hang on the wall right away, but is perhaps intended for digital use in the internet or as a layout basis for the next book project, we also offer the lower resolution in addition to the largest possible resolution “MAXI” “BASIC” on. For larger exposures we recommend the MAXI resolution.

  • MAXI
    about 6.000 × 4.000 px at 35 mm film, about 4.000×4.000 px at medium format 6×6 and so on.
    about 3.500 × 2.400 px at 35 mm film, 2.400 × 2.400 px at medium format 6×6 and so on.

35 mm & medium format 120C41B&WE6
Develop film only5,40 €7,90 €9,90 €
Develop and scan film BASIC / MAXI14,00 € / 21,00 €17,00 € / 24,00 €19,00 € / 26,00 €
Scan already developed film BASIC / MAXI12,50 € / 19,50 €12,50 € / 19,50 €12,50 € / 19,50 €
OptionsAdditional price for developmentAdditional price for scan
Push/Pull only black&white developmenteach step + 2,00 €-
Scanned images as TIFF-files-+ 5,00 €
Cross-processing E6 with C41- 4,50 €-
Panorama format (35mm)-+ 8,00 €
Half format (35mm)-+ 8,00 €
APS-film+ 4,00 €+ 6,00 €
220 medium format film+ 2,00 €+ 8,00 €

Through cooperation with established local film labs, we can ensure our high quality standards for a professional and reliable film development for all processes (C41, E6 and black and white) right from the start. 


We scan with the already legendary Fujifilm Forntier SP3000 scanners as well as High-end Noritsu film scanners. These scanners deliver superior scanning results with impressive scan density well beyond 4 and a finely drawn tone curve and color palette that best fits the characteristics of each film.

These scanners are able to reproduce even the finest details, while not blowing out highlights or losing any detail in shadows. Of course, the best scanner is only as good as the editor that serves it. Therefore, we leave nothing to chance or an automatic. We attach great importance to professional work and therefore scan each film individually – picture by picture. As passionate analogue photographers, we have already scanned thousands of images ourselves and know the subtle difference that film and light often make.

We scan without automatic (can’t say enough!). Each roll of film, each filmstrip, each image is individually checked and scanned by our professional NIMMFILM staff. No automatic can replace our experience.

We try to scan the originals as neutral as possible, with normal saturation of the film and without excessive sharpening, in order to offer our customers all the possibilities for their individual postprocessing. We tend to have slightly lower contrast and better shading when creating our scans. This can easily be adjusted in Photoshop or Lightroom by adjusting the tone scale and gradiation curves to your own taste.

Should you wish crisper, more saturated scans, please let us know in advance when placing your order in the online shop or via our PDF order form. 

Individual, professional post-processing of scans on request.