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Trust is good, specialist laboratory is better! Through the cooperation with established laboratories, we can ensure our high quality standards for a professional and type-specific film development for all processes (C41, E6 and Black&White) right from the beginning. For special requests (Cross processing, Push, Pull etc.) please mark the film cartridges or rolls clearly! For more detailed information, a corresponding input field is available at checkout.

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For standard 35mm and medium format film we offer development with following processes:

  • C41: for color negative film (with push-/pull on request)
  • E6: for slide film
  • Black&White: for black&white negative film (with push-/pull on request)
  • Cross processing

Processing times depending on type and size of orders and can be extended during peak periods and public holidays. As a rule, about 5 working days should be planned for C41 and B&W developments and about 8 working days for E6 developments.