Scan Complete Film

The developed films from the laboratory have been in the drawer for ages? Are the self-developed film rolls piling up unannounced in the home lab? That does not have to be, because NIMMFILM offers the solution: as complete films (cut as a film strip or uncut roll) we digitize them at extremely attractive prices. Simply select film format and desired resolution in the fields below and specify the number of films to be scanned.

For the digitization of different film strips please select the category “Scan developed film strip”. Please order scans for individual negatives or framed slides under “Single Scan”.

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9,00 34,00  inkl. 19 % MwSt.


We offer scans of already developed, complete films (as uncut rolls or as filmstrips) of all film types for the following film formats:

  • 35 mm >> Full Frame, Half Frame and Panorama
  • Medium format 120 and 220 >> 4.5 × 6; 6 × 6; 6 × 7; 6 × 8 and 6 × 9
  • Film, unframed slide films and framed slides (only 35mm)

The following scan sizes can be ordered:

  • MAXI
    corresponds e.g. 6144 × 4096 pixels for 35mm, 4096 × 4096 pixels for medium format 6 × 6, 4780 × 4096 pixels for medium format 6 × 7 etc.
    corresponds e.g. 3550 × 2430 pixels for 35mm, 2430 × 2430 pixels for medium format 6 × 6, 2835 × 2430 pixels for medium format 6 × 7 etc.

All scanned files will be made available as a wetransfer download link and film material will be returned to sender if NO archiving (selectable as an extra option in the shopping cart) is selected. Processing times depend on the extent and nature of the sent film material and are communicated individually. But expect typically between 3-7 working days.