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Whether the beach picture on the Baltic Sea from 1972, the perfect snapshot or the special portrait … all pictures deserve one thing: that they can be seen by as many as possible! And for that NIMMFILM delivers impressive image data. In this category, you can order scans from selected frames of pre-developed film – whether 35mm or medium format, black/white or color, single frame from a filmstrip or framed 35mm slides. If individual images of filmstrips should be scanned and these are not to be cut, then please mark the selected images and describe it as clearly as possible in the checkout under “Comments on the order”.

If you want to have scanned complete, already developed films, please choose “Scan complete films”.

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3,00 6,00  inkl. 19 % MwSt.


We offer single scans for the following formats and film types:

  • 35 mm >> Full Frame, Half Frame and Panorama
  • Medium format 120 and 220 >> 4.5 × 6; 6 × 6; 6 × 7; 6 × 8 and 6 × 9
  • Film, unframed slide films and framed slides (only 35mm)

The following scan sizes can be ordered:

  • MAXI
    about 6.000 × 4.000 px at 35 mm film, about 4.000×4.000 px at medium format 6×6 and so on.
    about 3.500 × 2.400 px at 35 mm film, 2.400 × 2.400 px at medium format 6×6 and so on.

All scanned files will be made available as a wetransfer download link and film material will be returned to sender if NO archiving (selectable as an extra option in the shopping cart) is selected. Processing times depend on the extent and nature of the sent film material and are communicated individually. But expect typically between 3-7 working days.

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